Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids

Hearing aid and smartphone

Q. Can I talk on the phone?

A. With the made for iPhone and neck loop options, hearing on a phone is great.

Q. What size hearing aid do I need?

A. Hearing aids are considerably smaller than they used to be. The power needed and the size of the ear canal determines the size.

Q. Can I hear my TV?

A. With advanced streaming technology, hearing your TV will not be a problem.

Q. Will I understand speech in noisy areas?

A. Technology chosen and word discrimination has everything to do with this.

Q. How much do they cost?

A. Cost is determined by the technology level and features you choose.

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Common Hearing Aid Myths

Hearing technology is largely misunderstood; click a myth below to learn the facts about hearing aids.

Myth: Hearing Aids are too bulky
Fact: Today's hearing aids are not your grandfather's hearing aids! They are considerably smaller and stylish today.
Myth: Hearing aids cost too much
Fact: The sticker price on hearing aids can be a surprise only because the upfront cost. The average life of a hearing aid is 5 years and if you spread the cost over the life, it is less than a cell phone.
Myth: Hearing aids make me look old
Fact: People of all ages have hearing loss and use hearing aids. Having a hearing loss may be more noticeable than having hearing aids.
Myth: Hearings aids are only for someone with a severe hearing loss
Fact: It is important to correct hearing loss early for a variety of reasons. There is link between hearing loss and cognition. We hear with our brains not our ears.
Myth: My hearing aids will sound perfect right away
Fact: Hearing loss does not happen overnight, so getting used to hearing does not happen overnight. Adjustment to the sound and features has to be done as the wearer get used to hearing.
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Tips for New Hearing Aid Wearers

Wearing hearing aids is a full time commitment. It takes time to adjust to hearing again. Hearing loss does not happen overnight, so getting used to hearing does not happen overnight. A wearer has to get use to their own voice and the everyday sounds around them.

The world is noisy place and a wearer has to learn to recognize the sounds around them, so they can learn to ignore the sounds again. We encourage open communication, so we can get the user up to the proper power needed with our no-cost follow up service. The time needed to adjust can be on the user's time frame.

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